DevOps Services


Cloudplus DevOps services brings the Developers and the Operations together. It focusses on delivering the code continuously and seamlessly to the Dev, Test and Production infrastructure. Automation helps to faster time to market; and constant and continuous improvement. We have an integrated solution approach that brings the People, Process and Technology together to achieve faster deliverables.

Engagement Model

Business Benefits

  • Faster time to Market
  • Standardized, stable and reliable environment
  • Improved team Collaborations
  • Streamlined Release Management
  • Continuous Deployment and Continuous Integration
  • Continuous testing and continuous monitoring
  • Early detection of defects and immediate correction


  • Consulting - Assess, Design and Plan
  • Road Map and transition
  • Solution evaluation and Implementation of DevOps
    • Deployment Automation
    • Continuous Integration
    • Testing
    • Version control
  • Continuous Delivery design and setup
    • Maintaining Test Data, consistency. (very important component for continuous delivery)
  • Customized DevOps solution to meet the dynamic business
  • Pre-built DevOps solution to adopt out of the box solution


Our DevOps services focus on providing Customized DevOps solution to meet the dynamic business requirement. We design right solutions which provides agility and cost effectiveness to our customers with faster time to market capability.

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