Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) Services


Irrespective of scale and size of the organization, it is subject to several types of risks. As the organization gets larger, the cost associated with these risks increases proportionately. In SME-s as well as corporate sector, to manage risks effectively, it is necessary to have a vision backed by institutionalized processes in the GRC space.

Awareness is another key topic in this space. It is necessary to keep the organization in tune to the continuous changes to the opportunities and challenges landscape. This calls for a mature framework for awareness.

Our goal is to work with the key stakeholders in organizations to conceive a GRC vision and to work with the operations team to craft processes to deliver to this vision. We help organizations ensure that operations risks related to the organization are identified correctly and managed adequately be they in the space of Compliance, Information Security, Business Continuity & DR or Quality.

Business Benefits

Engagement Model

  • Help the organization design and implement mechanisms to ensure that risks related to Compliance, Information Security, Business Continuity etc. are mitigated.
  • Ensuring that the key operations risks in the organization are identified at various levels and effectively managed.
  • Helping the organization achieve an optimum balance of cost of assurance with the cost of risk materializing.
  • Identification of areas of improvement in the GRC space and assisting the organization address these.


Strategic Assessment –high level exercises to assess the strengths and areas of improvements for the organization in the following areas

  • Enterprise Risk
  • Compliance
  • Information Security
  • Business Continuity & DR
  • IT Security Audits – Audits of the IT Infrastructure, penetration tests etc., the objective being to identify weakness in the IT Infrastructure / practices and making recommendations for improvement.
  • Compliance Audits – Starting from a review of the compliance priorities of the organization / Country / Sate, the audit will aim to assess the strengths of the organization
  • Information Security
  • Business Continuity – Implementation / Audits. To ensure that optimum business continuity plans are drawn up in line with the needs of the organization. Audit services to ensure that the organization remains in a state of readiness to implement these plans should a disaster strike.
  • ISO 27001 Implementation& Sustenance-. We carry not just the theoretical knowledge but the experience at leadership levels as well in dealing with these portfolios so as to ensure that costs incurred give you the best mitigations. We will provide your team with the necessary hand-holding to help you with the certification. Once you have been certified, we can provide you with a package service that will assist you to sustain and continuously improve your practices – periodic audits and recertification will cease to be a pain area.
  • Second Line of Defence Maturity: Looking at the GRC space holistically, making an overall assessment on its effectiveness and making strategic as well as tactical recommendations for implementation.
  • Awareness Sustenance – This service envisages us working closely with your organization in running a campaign across the year to sustain awareness across the GRC landscape.
  • Solutions Implementation –We provide technical capabilities to implement and maintain technical solutions to meet the Compliance and information Security requirements.


Cloudplus approach GRC in three stages, viz Consulting / Assessment, Implementation and Sustenance. We design right solutions which covers the risks to our customers, considering the aspects of flexibility and agility required to be successful in todays markets

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