Cloud Services


In the recent years, cloud technologies have evolved to address the inherent limitations of the last two decades in the IT Infrastructure. The cloud offered by Microsoft, Amazon, Google, IBM, HP and OpenStack are consumed by the Enterprise and MSME customers. There are significant advantages in cost, efficiency, reliability, scalability, agility, performance etc. to the customer who adopts cloud services.

Our Approach

Our cloud services focus on understanding the ROI of cloud enablement. We design the right solutions which provide agility and cost effectiveness to our customers without compromising on security.

Typical Business Outcomes

Efficiency is the key in today’s digital world. Services are rapidly deployed and ready for use in a matter of hours versus the weeks or months it traditionally takes. But there is more to cloud computing than just getting the computer resources, storage capacity or application as a service within minutes. Based on our experience with cloud consumers, here are the key business benefits beyond efficiency:

  • Business Agility
  • On Demand Infrastructure
  • Optimum Use of Capex and Resources
  • Managed Operations and Automations
  • Integrated and Federated Services
  • Disaster Recovery
  • DevOps
  • Cloud Security


We provide Cloud Services to Global conglomerates in Retail, Finance, SaaS, AI, Semiconductor and Energy

Cloud Consulting & Strategy

Cloud Infrastructure Services

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Cloudplus Engagement Model

Cloud Services
Staff Augmentation
Project Based
Model Extend existing in house team with Cloudplus (onsite/offsite) Time bound engagement to deliver the agreed scope Provide Expertise which is not available in-house
Scope Cloud Architects / Engineers / Analysts Project / Support Project / System
Pricing Model Time & Material Fixed Price, Dedicated Team Fixed Price, Time & Material