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We at Cloudplus are fully focussed on serving all your Cloud Management needs. Our team of specialists can effectively address the Cloud Implementation and Operations, Cloud Infrastructure, Service Management, Information Security, Governance, Risk Management and Compliance(GRC), DevOps requirements, and Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) for your business. Our clients have benefitted from our services for their technology requirements like High Availability Compute and Storage, Big Data Infrastructure, Simulations and Synthesis and DevOps.

Why choose Us?

Our specialists in Cloud Infrastructure and Management have an average of over 20 years of experience, having delivered many large infrastructure projects for Fortune 500 companies across the globe.

We are committed to providing cost-effective and long term solutions through our innovative and flexible delivery models. We take pride in maintaining the highest standards of Security, Data Integrity and Service Quality.

We follow ITIL processes for efficient and cost effective delivery of remote IT Infrastructure and Managed services.

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20+ years of global experience

Expertise in Cloud & DevOps

Led by A Team of Seniors with Global experience

Trusted by Fortune #100 companies

Strong Capabilities in GRC

Flexible Engagement Models

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Customer Quotes

Cloudplus provided expert services on AWS. They proposed and implemented Optimization and Security Solutions that saved the cost and met the performance criteria. They are very knowledgeable in Cloud, IT Infrastructure and Security Infrastructure requirements.

US headquartered Company

Semiconductor Industry

Cloudplus provided us expert services in Architecture Design and Implementation of Cloud Security, Availability and EndPoint Security. Cloudplus also helped us in the ISO 27001 certification compliance requirements and readiness for SOC2. I would recommend Cloudplus services to any organization looking for Cloud adoption. Cloudplus is a team of expert professionals and their services are excellent.

Financial SaaS Provider

US Based

Cloudplus provided us services for our Managed Services practice and they adhere to what they were committed. We look forward to engage them in future and would also recommend their services to the other business entities.

Information Security and Managed Services Company